Welcome to Mild but Wild corner where all your questions about relationships are answered!

What are you looking for? A meaningful life? Stronger relationships? Family harmony? A joyous sense of life?



I have been counseling and helping people discover ways to overcome obstacles on their journey to happiness. I enjoy working with couples and singles by assisting them to rise above challenges as they seek more satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

Please note: The responses given via this medium is only based on my own judgement of things. I might not be 100% accurate but I have worked on a lot of singles and couples, so I am using this to base my argument.

There are few things more disheartening than a troubled relationship. It’s hard for you to focus on any other part of your life when you feel disappointed and deserted by the person who should be by your side – helping you, holding you, loving you.

Share you stories

Share you stories

If the above words describe your situation, then “LETS TALK ABOUT IT”

send us an email today about your questions or comment on any of the issues some of our readers has placed.


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