Home call

You’ve invested in goodness but yield no profit
You’ve searched for future in the past but found none
You’ve made marks in life only to attract eraser
Yet you fumble in the dark with the light of hope

Your ‘dream’ seems to have been rendered to dust
You sometimes feel like you were born dead
Fate has tried you to the extent failure lives with you like the warmth
Yet you claim that God is your father

Your happiness were like dew drops that disappear in the morning
You’ve lost the feeling of existence while awaiting a miracle
The seed of your tears has produced no harvest of joy
And yet you claim that God is your father

If God truly is your father like you claim, why don’t you call Home?
Maybe, just maybe
Your fate shall be re-written with a Golden Pen.

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DEITY┬╗ Happy Mother’s Day

Just like a god,
She’s hard to find but easy to recognize
Like a cemetery, in her love I bury the faults of friends and loved ones
A virtuous woman whose price is far above gem stones
A mirror in whose reflection I see my perfection

Good to all, not just me
All because of her, my house is a home
Many call her Faith because she makes you feel like the world is lucky to have you

She’s the biggest hurdle in shaping life
The best creation in existence
The mirror of every family
And just like colour, she gives energy
The reason why some call her hope

In her sleepless nights lies our sound sleep
She could even walk naked to ensure that we’re properly clothed
She starves to ensure that we’re properly fed
So, if we choose to call her MOTHER, we have a point

But coupled with the fact her joy is dependent on our happiness,
I would rather we call her……. DEITY.

Happy mother’s day to mothers across the globe.


When marriages turn sour and become a war front, it is WRONG and BIAS to tag anyone the ‘victor’ irrespective of the result. The price paid for such expensive war wouldn’t make it possible for the praises and existence of a martyr. The home becomes a battlefield, Parents the fighters and Children (if any) become the victims for a long time,just like in war fronts.

In wars, marital or country, children are the victims. Part of the reasons why products of broken homes are never hard to point. They are known for either;

1) Emotional excesses or
2) Emotional deficiency

The emotional sensitivity remains their cross to carry for the rest of their lives and can be noticed from a distance.

There are lot of reasons why a marriage can suddenly become a battlefied. Some justified, others avoidable but either ways, understanding that ‘Mom & Dad’ who were once emotionally desperate as well as qualified to be together and birth offspring can suddenly no longer pull it all together”, is much for children to handle at tender ages when life ought be a bed of roses. The insecurity that comes with such development doesn’t make it any easier to accept, thereby, making such victims vulnerable exhuding anger and depression.

So, when a marital relationship moves from bliss to doubts to fight, then to stress and pains, there is need to consider the potential victims before it turns into hate or life regret through memories that won’t heal. Because in marital wars, winning is as disastrous as losing and the battlefield never remains same afterwards. Neither can the rain bring back such grounds to life nor the sun be hot enough to dry the tears. No spring has ever succeeded in bringing such land back to its natural state. Atleast, not for the war victims who live on with huge scars in their souls.

I understand that ‘staying’ in some marriages is sometimes worse than ‘leaving’ but it is also important to note that nice people don’t necessarily fall in love with nice people. If you could do it once, then one more shot can hit the miracle of making it work again. Atleast for the sake of the kids.

Call it a mistake but you walked the aisle and took the sacred oath before those that mattered, pledged your allegiance through thick & thin. Blissful or not, you’ve had your moments and lived your life the way you chose with a childhood worth remembering. Don’t make them live theirs in your shadow.

The point is-No winners exist in marital wars. Victims of such injustice are the children. Your mistakes are yours and considering you brought them to this world, you owe them some life responsibilities.

So, ‘hang on’ or ‘move on’. It is not their war, don’t make them pay for it.

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