Not Your Call……..

The basics of life are taught at a tender age. Right from wrong,truth from lies, respect from rudeness and Morality & immorality isn’t left out as well. How to dress, how to address & to be addressed. Still we all end up growing into a variety of persons and personalities.

Then you wonder why that young woman is tongue lashing. Why that boss is so rude.  Why that usher is very arrogant. Why that customer is an irate being. Why doesn’t he own a car at his age. Why she is single & not bothered. Why he lives with parents at his age.

No one gets a manual on life and it expected courses at birth. Only time bake us into who we are and what we become. The prostitute on the street was born a virgin. The prisoner behind bars was born a free man. Yes, maybe you turned out right in the face of difficulties But life doesn’t always present to us all the option of choosing between right & wrong.

Yes you have dignity, integrity & respect But who knows her story? Just maybe it was a hard choice between life, death & honor. So the next time you’re tempted to judge & condemn, think, rethink and think again. You never know the story behind the story.

Drop the act of judging and condemning, it is not your call BUT God’s…………………


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