The Perfect Gift…….

Love is an extremely strong emotional term and there are a thousand & one ways to express it. One of the oldest form of expression that tend to have survived the test of time is the exchange of love notes & poems. 

They remain a perfect rescue in moments we fall short of words. However, words that comes from the mouth can please the recipient for a while but words penned down have a lasting effect on the heart and same goes to the actions. 

Valentine is a one day event, set aside for celebrating affections. You probably won’t recall the details in few months. I bet you’d blab if asked to narrate your valentine two/three years ago. Even your recipient might change over time Or worse forget the intense emotion shared but what is never forgotten is the gift you dish out to people around you everyday.

A smile for that beggar on your street will be treated as gold. Affection for that maid in your home, that’s irate colleague at work (despite being impossible). The hawker on the street, the angry neighbour, co-passenger lost in thoughts, the cleaner with a tired look and many more. 

The gift of a smile is an expression that can’t be mistaken. Perfectly understood and appreciated even from a distance. And sometimes be just what the recipient need to start a good day or mend a bad one.

The beauty of giving lies not in one day occurrence but in an everyday effort to make someone smile. Give a smile today to someone who won’t forget.

Give a smile everyday!!!


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