The Time Keeper……

Okay ladies, it is high time we put an end to this monitoring spirit flying around because it so archaic & rude. I mean who does that?? Asking your single friend when she’s getting married despite knowing relationship status?? 

You can’t even say hello to single sisters in your worship centre without rubbing it on their face. And that relative of yours avoid you like leprosy at family events because your have turned yourself to a calendar reminding her of her age & how time flies for women.

Your colleagues can’t even nurse a relationship opinion or contribute to marital related advice because you believe she isn’t qualified and never will be as long as she’s not married?? Madam If you fall in this category of time keeping, you are a witch.

Yes! A first class witch at that. You are one of the reasons why women settle for less than they deserve. Do you even know the emotional damage your speech can cause the recipient?? 

Marriage is not salvation,Stop shoving it down people’s throat as if it is. If only you could preach gospel the way you do marriage, then the world would be a better place already.

Keep your time keeper reminder to yourself, you are not God’s PA…………


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