The Truth We were Never Told


A notable marriage fact that you’d hardly hear from anyone is that you’ll always love your spouse (especially in the case of women). You will always love your husband BUT there will be times when you don’t like him at all. 

Yes i know, it is something you can’t imagine or comprehend at the moment but there will be moments when you just don’t dig your spouse for reasons. Moment when his cuteness (or whatever it is that thrills you)won’t gel & this is a practical fact any premarital counseling won’t cover.

Marriage is hard, one of the hardest form of commitment in existence. Take a look at it. Friendship is open (you can have a thousand of it at a go). Motherhood is a bond and no two way. Fatherhood is exceptional and brotherhood is hardly different but marriage is. 

Two people from different background & beliefs, different upbringing & values,trying to do life together is always hard. Be prepared & don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I have had a case of a husband who likes pastry tomato in all his meal and that sounded abnormal to his wife. Beans, porridge, egg, moimoi (name it). It is just not tasty without tomato paste. You can bet his mama cooks that way and wife couldn’t fathom. Imagine that causing a heat. 

You will always love your spouse but there will be times when you just don’t like him/her. Through understanding and commitment, you will pull through all seasons.


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