Who You Really Are…

Marriage & Companionhip

We always have a ready made answer for these regular questions on who we are, who we want to be BUT the truth is we don’t really know who we are until we find ourselves in a union.

Our responses to marital stories is evident on the subject. We share what we think we will do with respect to situations. The kind of wife we intend to be. The kind of husband we have in plan. A wife material Italian fabric or even 100yrds husband material.

But the most appalling truth is you don’t know who you really(with respect to personality) are until you’re married. Hot or cold, mild or wild as the case may be, Marriage can easily bring out the beast you never met or an angel you always knew.

It tells you who you really are, teaches you more about you & forces you to listen. It changes you by bringing to your consciousness the excesses you never knew. It breaks & re-bake you into a finer spice and better flavor. Provides you with all that is needed to become you.

Marriage is an institution where we learn,unlearn and relearn. The only institution with the fastest learning process and the best assimilation rate. It forces you to listen, forces you to assimilate as well.

So are you a king with the best ace in the race OR a queen with a flawless trait? Perhaps a princess with the heart of a lion. Maybe a prince firmly seated on a horse.

No don’t answer. Not just yet. You will meet you when you are when the time is ripe.


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