The Devil I Know…..

Thinking of how old this adage could be & my take is that it’s definitely older than my forefathers. It’s one of those proverbs you must have heard as an African, probably the first my child will learn before age 10. 

Its popularity however can’t compete with its constant usage for emotional blackmail. Especially in delicate matters like Marriage. Oh! How it enslaved our mothers & constantly churned out nonchalant act out of our fathers. Yet it doesn’t end with their generation, the mission is to outlive us.

The exact reason you see a girlfriend playing the bonnie & Clyde role to a monster boyfriend. Her father was not different but mummy preferred the devil she knew & now daughter thinks it’s a norm. Thug loving they call it, a perfect word to describe an absolute madness. The other one turned out different. She just can’t stand being maltreated because daddy did it to mummy. Now she’s self disciplined on domestic violence, a walking baggage of rules. It’s just hard to see the good in anyone because she sees her father in every man.

The other gender isn’t any better. He just won’t get along with daddy because of what he did to mummy. That’s when it turned out right. On a negative note,  he becomes an asshole just like daddy & any woman who won’t be like mummy or withstand the torture isn’t a virtuous woman. So it’s already a cycle, passed on from one generation to the next. Yet we sing the adage like praise, as though it makes the world a better place. “Stick to the devil because you have his manual.”

The devil you know isn’t deserving but the angel you don’t isn’t an option either. Why spend your life choking on regret? 

Get up, Get out & find the Angel you can get know. It may turn out good or same But your happiness is worth the try……..


The Rhythm

It is quite intriguing to watch ladies talk
about men. Of course, the topics are known
and common – like; how they cheated, lie and broke their hearts – this same song we’ve heard over and over from most women, especially the younger age group. The rhythm is so much regular that one begins to wonder if there is ever a good attribute accrued to these souls called “men”. Yet, they (women) don’t want to stay single, they scream at the sight of a ring and many,if not most say ‘I do’ every Saturday. The interesting one is the reigning cliche on the lips of many women/ladies in recent time ~ if he loves me, he would fight for me; Abeg, you be AWARD?!

When ladies say all of these, they make it
appear like they are angels, flawless and
Perhaps, the perfect definition of perfection however, ignoring the human factor. Yourself as a lady needs to understand that the motive of most men at first sight is all the same. The moment he sees you ‘sex’ is what crosses his mind but his decision to stay & keep it real is a factor that depends mainly on you, your character, you manner of handling things, the degree of your real self with respect to his taste as a man. Until you do these, it remains a ‘p**sy-hit mission’ to Him. So, before you judge a man and call him any of the aforementioned names, ensure you have truly done your part and that you truly deserve to be loved.

We understand you want to be treated like
a Queen, you want a Cinderella story where
‘this prince’ (man) sweeps you off your feet;
Expect to see his perfection always and
need him to fight for you as proof that he
loves you. These being the reason why it’s so easy to judge him when he goes wrong without putting into consideration his good deeds and condemn him in a flash by letting his crimes overshadow all other good he’s ever done to and for you. While at it, do ask yourself these honest questions – How long does he have to fight before he’s crowned a
warrior? How long does he need to remain
perfect before he’s tagged a Prince?_____

If one single bad deed of a man surpasses
his numerous good ones and you hammer/
speak ill about him based on that ignoring
the rest of his good sides, who then is the
cheat and who of a truth is the liar?

So yes, maybe you’re right! Men are the
scariest monsters on earth, great liars they
are, they cheat and are full of pride and also
love too many at a time BUT when a man
loves, he does so truly and to favour that,
He would LIE in your arms, CHEAT death to
be with you. He’ll forever be PROUD of you
and love you in TOO MANY ways no one else